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Sourcing 100 Recruiting Job Orders with LeadCheetah

2017-10-23T20:23:06 0 Comments

Recruiters need more help sourcing job orders Regardless of the industry or role type your organization specializes in recruiting, it is constantly on your mind that you need more job orders and candidates to fill them. One (candidates) is typically more easily identifiable than the other. So what is typical to source job orders? Established […]

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Should you use scantily clad women in your ads (the answer might make you upset)

2017-09-29T04:04:54 0 Comments

I’ve been running alot of ads for LeadCheetah™ And I’m not stranger to ads. Sadly, I know what generally sells is something eye catching. So against my better judgement I tested two ads; one that was just pure shameless (in-fact I titled it “Shameless Hot Girl Advertising”) against another, which was a legitimate ad. These […]

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LeadCheetah is changing in a big way….

2017-08-07T18:46:19 0 Comments

There are some major changes afoot at LeadCheetah. All along, we knew that LeadCheetah would be more than a platform selling web design leads. Well, we are making the first step in that push today to turn LeadCheetah™ into a full sales platform not just web design lead generation platform. We will be providing LeadCheetah™ the […]

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Top 10 Ways To Get Web Design Leads

2017-07-25T17:25:39 0 Comments

So, you built websites for people. That’s great and you have a very valuable talent. Every business needs a website. The value of something that is running 24/7 and can provide a passive way to inform customers can’t be overstated. Many individuals also need or at least want personal or professional website. Most people, however […]

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Domain Email Extractor

2017-06-29T04:27:41 0 Comments

The Problem You found a website (or a list of websites) you want to contact, and now you are trying to find the email. We’ve all run into this problem. Most solutions out there to extract emails from domains aren’t really great solutions. There is hunter, but that only seems to work well for really […]

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Welcome to LeadCheetah™

2017-06-16T16:25:26 0 Comments

Welcome to LeadCheetah’s blog! We’re only about two weeks old, so we don’t have much to say. I guess we can just start by introducing ourselves! What is LeadCheetah™ LeadCheetah™ is a innovative platform to provide high quality web design/development leads for your web design agencies/freelancers. What LeadCheetah™ does is basically just run a crawler […]

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