Welcome to LeadCheetah™

2017-08-07T17:58:07 0 Comments

Welcome to LeadCheetah’s blog! We’re only about two weeks old, so we don’t have much to say. I guess we can just start by introducing ourselves!

What is LeadCheetah™

LeadCheetah™ is a innovative platform to provide high quality web design/development leads for your web design agencies/freelancers. What LeadCheetah™ does is basically just run a crawler that goes on the internet and finds businesses that are actually functioning but have really bad websites. We then get all the contact information about those companies and hand them off to you to contact. Checkout a demo of our system.

Why did you build LeadCheetah™

I have looked at the problem of getting web design leads for something like 10 years now (which is crazy to think about). This was one of the methods I used to get leads and its super effective. The only problem is, the infrastructure required to actually build more than 2 or 3 websites a month is enormous. As soon as you want to build more websites than four, your business automatically requires you to become so much heavier. You need a sales team, on-going support team, development team, and some sort of business analyst for requirements. It becomes enormously complex. I thought about building a design agency, but I’m more passionate about technology than I am about a service/consulting business. So I decided to make this a SaaS platform.

What can we expect coming up

Alot of changes have already happened in the past two weeks and alot more are coming up! You can already demo what we’ve built. You can also sign up for a free trial that includes 10 web design leads. There’s so much going on, but we have some really cool tools that we personally use that will allow our customers to be able to harness the power of pro grammatically prospecting alot of customers that we’re trying to productize. Additionally, like all of you who are entrepreneurs/business owners in your own right – we plan to update the journey to take LeadCheetah™ to profitability. I hope to share our companies experiences, successes, failures.