Sourcing 100 Recruiting Job Orders with LeadCheetah

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Recruiters need more help sourcing job orders

Regardless of the industry or role type your organization specializes in recruiting, it is constantly on your mind that you need more job orders and candidates to fill them. One (candidates) is typically more easily identifiable than the other. So what is typical to source job orders?

  1. Established Relationships
    • This is the most common sourcing option that recruiters utilize. When the pipeline is already warm due to an existing business relationship, it is easier to dip your hand back into the cookie jar.
  2. Social Media
    • Postings on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are indicators that recruiters have used as a reason to follow-up with or introduce themselves to hiring managers at the identified company.
  3. Job Boards
    • Similar to social media, job posting sites like Monster, Indeed, and even Craigslist provide a recruiter with an indicator that a company is on a hiring mission, thus resulting in a solicitation for an introduction to the company’s HR department or the hiring manager.
  4. Contact Databases
    • Somehow and from somewhere a recruiter has received a tip and now has to find the contact information for the hiring manager or company executive who is responsible for sourcing talent.

The end result of this exercise is influenced by multiple factors, but the outcome is highly dependent on having success in all or the majority of the four topics identified above.

Wasn’t the topic titled: “Sourcing 100 Recruiting Job Orders…”?

A few weeks ago we had a conversation with one of our LeadCheetah™ teammates who used to work as an executive recruiter for a regional recruiting agency. She highlighted to our team how recruiters and their agencies could benefit greatly by receiving a list that identifies companies that are actively hiring, along with their contact information. As a result, we asked her a question, “is it common for an individual recruiter to source 100 job orders in 30 days?”

We asked this question because we wanted to understand if recruiters are only able to accomplish this task as a result of luck or established relationships, or if they would be able to accomplish this task by having better data and receiving targeted leads.

So… we want to know…

Have you been able to source 100 job orders in 30 days? How did you do it? Let us know!

Are you interested in attempting to accomplish this task? If so, we wish you the best, and also we want to offer you our assistance.

So how can you get more help sourcing job orders? Well, we think you should try using LeadCheetah™! We provide the contact information for those companies who are actively searching for candidates and/or companies that have recently undergone a large financing round (received some major cash funding for hiring). With this information, you are a quick call away from creating a new relationship for immediate job orders and receiving preference for future orders.

We provide the Lead, you build the Relationship

Our data highlights targeted leads from around the globe. You can filter based on your preferred market or randomize results. In all cases, LeadCheetah™ is providing you a solution to fulfilling your need to source job orders. All that remains is you picking up the phone or sending an introduction email; taking the first steps to building a fruitful relationship.

Jump on board with LeadCheetah™ today by visiting and clicking “SIGN UP” in the top-right corner of the screen.