Should you use scantily clad women in your ads (the answer might make you upset)

2017-09-29T04:15:42 0 Comments

I’ve been running alot of ads for LeadCheetah™

And I’m not stranger to ads. Sadly, I know what generally sells is something eye catching. So against my better judgement I tested two ads; one that was just pure shameless (in-fact I titled it “Shameless Hot Girl Advertising”) against another, which was a legitimate ad. These were both pumping our newly registered domain finder service

Ad 1 “Legitimate Ad”

versus Ad 2 “Shameless Hotgirl Advertising”

One has a girl with cleavage and just repeating the words Leads over and over again (this is a trick that I sadly learned alot earlier); the other one has a legitimate explanation. One has a business woman with cleavage and the other a business woman….

Now this was tested with over 40,000 impressions so our results are pretty statistically definitive….

Which one performed better if at all? The shameless hotgirl ad did 3 times better garnering a 1% CTR vs a .33% CTR. Once more, it even had more conversions! We got 250 clicks from the shamless ad vs. only 74 from the legitimate ad. The most ridiculous thing was, we’re not even selling something remotely related to sex! We’re selling leads! I’m not sure how I feel about this, but it only re-enforced what I already feared. Scantily Clad Women Ads Sell.