LeadCheetah is changing in a big way….

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There are some major changes afoot at LeadCheetah. All along, we knew that LeadCheetah would be more than a platform selling web design leads. Well, we are making the first step in that push today to turn LeadCheetah™ into a full sales platform not just web design lead generation platform. We will be providing LeadCheetah™ the platform for free (yes free) – that is a platform with the ability to find leads, email/call leads, and close leads. We will still be providing premium leads but the decision to make our platform open and free is explained below. Checkout our new homepage at https://leadcheetah.com and try out the new platform yourself. If you want to hear the story read on that led us to this path read below.

What led us to this conclusion

While growing LeadCheetah, we have been using the platform itself to generate leads and then contact those leads. Originally, LeadCheetah has been built around sending emails to prospects. Since we use the platform ourselves to generate sales. We were getting about 20% open rates with 5% conversion to signup. Thats with three followup emails. That’s not bad by marketing standards but we needed to move faster. We tried out calls one day, and the results were astonishing. In three hours, we did 66 calls and 22 people picked up. Of the 22 who we talked to, 100% signed up for a free trial. Calling was it.  We can theorize why, but I would imagine that the there aren’t that many calls made by genuine people because it takes alot of courage to pickup the phone and just cold calls. That barrier to entry is attractive, because its easier to send an email than to make a call. Now we knew that the ability to call was it. We just needed to find that caller application.

Call Applications Are Expensive

A programmatic calling application seems like it would be simple, but HubSpot charges $500 for its call functionality, close.io charges $65/per user plus some minute by minute charge, and SalesForce charges even more. We couldn’t afford that, so we thought we’d build our own. After alot of investment and coffee, we built the most bombass call application ever. When you call, whatever phone number you signed up with LeadCheetah  shows up as the callerid, you are able to record calls so you can hear how you did, and physiologically it was surprising how much easier it was to call when sitting at a computer than a phone.  When I first saw it, I could not believe my eyes. From LeadCheetah the ability to call and email from one platform is exceedingly powerful.

…What if we combined it with our crawler?

Something even cooler than the call application happened when we thought about combining it with our crawler. We already have a crawler that can find pretty much any businesses…what if we allowed public access to it. So someone could type Doctors in Atlanta GA and they could get all the phone numbers, emails, and the ability to contact them, email them, and close them all in less than 30 seconds. This is a game changer. This is epic, this is ridiculous, this is insane. The backbone of every business to be sales. How do you get sales though? Alot of people (including me) waste money on ads, spending hundreds of dollars. Honestly, its as simple as getting out there and picking up the phone. This tool is really all you need to do to be successful. If I had this for my plethora of other idea’s, some of them could have made it. Its so easy to distract yourself and feel good by working on your business instead of getting sales. I know this so well. But if you want your company to succeed you need sales. With this application, you can get those sales.

A Truly Crowd-Sourced Product Architect Driving Feature Development

What the change in direction for LeadCheetah does has a secondary purpose. I have worked in several technology companies whose biggest issue is “which product/feature should we develop”.  Generally, that decision is made by the CEO or product architect that is severely out of touch with the application. And thus, hundreds of thousands of dollars are misspent towards the development of features. There is something that happens to morale and self-worth when you build something mediocre. So many methodologies have arisen to try to address this glaring issue, but nothing is more powerful than what your users say. What we plan to do is to allow the free users to drive the development of features in LeadCheetah. Right now LeadCheetah is seriously deficient; there isn’t the ability to send followup emails, track opens, or do some more advanced features. If user’s want them – one user can submit a feature request, we will review and quote a cost to develop and we’ll post that to a development roadmap, and users can up-vote that feature. Any user who pays towards that feature can get some kind of reward for supporting the feature development. Kind of like a super-micro kickstarter model.


How will we make money?

As far as our sales process, nothing really changes. We will continue selling premium web design leads in addition to slowly adding more verticals. The focus of our website will change to try to get people hyped about the free platform, and I’m sure is going to blow up if people give it a chance to check it out. My biggest hope is that the free users who use LeadCheetah will share LeadCheetah and that they will drive the product architecture by joining the community of LeadCheetah.

Until next time

I’ll try to keep this blog updated. If you have any thoughts or comments shoot us a line!