60 Law Firms Register Their Websites Everyday And even more doctors, gyms, restaurants, rehab clinics, and more.

Why these leads

The key reason these leads are so powerful is they are effectively new businesses ventures/ideas. Unlike many businesses who are established and already have a vendor for this or that; these businesses have no relationships and need them. They're generally excited about their new venture & willing to try something new. We use these leads ourselves and they work.

We have 4 different options. $5.99 just to try a day's worth of leads. This is good if you just want to test them out. $10/mo to get a weekly list of leads. $25 to get a daily feed of leads filtered by profession, you can use LeadCheetah to call/email, and we will give you all the emails that are just gmail/aol/yahoo. The final package is $150/mo and provides the ability to remove 150 leads off our list a month, so you'll be the only one contacting them. This is the list you should use. If you have any questions email contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

Every morning we crawl to get yesterdays registered domains. There's about 80,000 domains registered a day, and we filter out for the contacts that you are not able to get because of domain privacy or whois guard. That brings the number down to about 30,000 leads. We then go even farther and try to identify domains for professions and institutions that have money.

Can't I just do this myself?

Go to anyone of our domains and try to whois search the registrant information. It's incredibly difficult. A team of three have been working on this for six months and we're offering it at a steal price. Everyone who signs up now will be grandfathered into the current pricing, but you can bet that prices will absolutely go up.

I'm a business and I don't want to receive offers from the people on LeadCheetah. How do I remove myself?

Head over to the remove business page and we will take you off our contact list.

What is your 4 month Guarantee?

If you don't get a single new website sale using our service and have tried us out for four months we'll refund you half of the money you spent with us. Details are here.

Make an account to contact these leads!

We require users to make an account, otherwise they can just spam these businesses. All accounts are free you can find and contact up to 50 free leads a month.

Get a steady stream of leads for as little as $12/mo. Thats basically one meal! Get Started